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In Lab In Discussions and Seminars In Lectures

Courses at the Georgia Institute of Technology

BIOL 1510: Biological Principles (Course Co-Instructor)-Fall 2016

BIOL 2335: General Ecology Lab (Course Co-Instructor)-Fall 2016

BIOL 2336: General Ecology Lab (Lab Director)-Fall 2016

Courses at Spelman College

BIO 325: Evolution-in-Action (Course Co-Instructor)-Spring 2016

BIO 365: Animal Behavior (Course Instructor)-Spring 2015

Courses at Michigan State University

ISB208L: Integrative Studies in Biological Science (Laboratory Instructor)-Spring 2014

ZOL890 (Graduate): Evolutionary Biology for Non-Life Scientists (Co-Instructor)-Fall 2013

ZOL341 (Online): Fundamental Genetics (Graduate TA and Remote Testing Coordinator)-Summer 2013, Summer 2015

ISB202: Foundations of Science (Graduate Fellow)- Spring/Summer 2013

ZOL415: Ecological Aspects of Animal Behavior (Graduate TA and Discussion Section Leader)-Fall 2012

CSE891 (Graduate): Multidisciplinary Approaches to the Study of Evolution (Graduate TA)-Spring 2012

BioSci162: Organisms and Populations (Graduate TA)-Fall 2011, Fall 2012

BioSci172: Organismal Biology Laboratory (Laboratory Instructor)- Fall 2011, Spring 2012, Fall 2012; Spring 2013 (Curriculum Development)

Teaching Experience while an Undergraduate at Georgia Tech

Introductory Genetics (School of Biology Student Assistant/Grading TA)- Fall 2009, Spring 2010

GT1000 Freshman Introductory Course: Biology Major Section, Team Leader (~TA)- Fall 2007, Fall 2009

German and ESOL Teaching Experience

American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Languages: German Teaching Certification- Fall 2009

C-Trains Cultural Connections (Munich, Germany): Crash Course English (TA)- Spring 2009